Nextcloud V21.02 – OCC Commands

Alle Nextcloud V21.02 – Konsolen Kommandos (OCC) für die Shell zusammengefasst.


  command [options] [arguments]

  -h, --help            Display this help message
  -q, --quiet           Do not output any message
  -V, --version         Display this application version
      --ansi            Force ANSI output
      --no-ansi         Disable ANSI output
  -n, --no-interaction  Do not ask any interactive question
      --no-warnings     Skip global warnings, show command output only
  -v|vv|vvv, --verbose  Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug

Available commands:
  check                                  check dependencies of the server environment
  help                                   Displays help for a command
  list                                   Lists commands
  status                                 show some status information
  upgrade                                run upgrade routines after installation of a new release. The release has to be installed before.
  app:check-code                         check code to be compliant
  app:disable                            disable an app
  app:enable                             enable an app
  app:getpath                            Get an absolute path to the app directory
  app:install                            install an app
  app:list                               List all available apps
  app:remove                             remove an app
  app:update                             update an app or all apps
  background:ajax                        Use ajax to run background jobs
  background:cron                        Use cron to run background jobs
  background:webcron                     Use webcron to run background jobs
  broadcast:test                         test the SSE broadcaster
  config:app:delete                      Delete an app config value
  config:app:get                         Get an app config value
  config:app:set                         Set an app config value
  config:import                          Import a list of configs
  config:list                            List all configs
  config:system:delete                   Delete a system config value
  config:system:get                      Get a system config value
  config:system:set                      Set a system config value
  dav:create-addressbook                 Create a dav addressbook
  dav:create-calendar                    Create a dav calendar
  dav:list-calendars                     List all calendars of a user
  dav:move-calendar                      Move a calendar from an user to another
  dav:remove-invalid-shares              Remove invalid dav shares
  dav:send-event-reminders               Sends event reminders
  dav:sync-birthday-calendar             Synchronizes the birthday calendar
  dav:sync-system-addressbook            Synchronizes users to the system addressbook
  db:add-missing-columns                 Add missing optional columns to the database tables
  db:add-missing-indices                 Add missing indices to the database tables
  db:add-missing-primary-keys            Add missing primary keys to the database tables
  db:convert-filecache-bigint            Convert the ID columns of the filecache to BigInt
  db:convert-mysql-charset               Convert charset of MySQL/MariaDB to use utf8mb4
  db:convert-type                        Convert the Nextcloud database to the newly configured one
  deck:export                            Export a JSON dump of user data
  encryption:change-key-storage-root     Change key storage root
  encryption:decrypt-all                 Disable server-side encryption and decrypt all files
  encryption:disable                     Disable encryption
  encryption:disable-master-key          Disable the master key and use per-user keys instead. Only available for fresh installations with no existing encrypted data! There is no way to enable it again.
  encryption:enable                      Enable encryption
  encryption:enable-master-key           Enable the master key. Only available for fresh installations with no existing encrypted data! There is also no way to disable it again.
  encryption:encrypt-all                 Encrypt all files for all users
  encryption:list-modules                List all available encryption modules
  encryption:migrate-key-storage-format  Migrate the format of the keystorage to a newer format
  encryption:recover-user                Recover user data in case of password lost. This only works if the user enabled the recovery key.
  encryption:scan:legacy-format          Scan the files for the legacy format
  encryption:set-default-module          Set the encryption default module
  encryption:show-key-storage-root       Show current key storage root
  encryption:status                      Lists the current status of encryption
  federation:sync-addressbooks           Synchronizes addressbooks of all federated clouds
  files:cleanup                          cleanup filecache
  files:repair-tree                      Try and repair malformed filesystem tree structures
  files:scan                             rescan filesystem
  files:scan-app-data                    rescan the AppData folder
  files:transfer-ownership               All files and folders are moved to another user - shares are moved as well.
  group:add                              Add a group
  group:adduser                          add a user to a group
  group:delete                           Remove a group
  group:list                             list configured groups
  group:removeuser                       remove a user from a group
  integrity:check-app                    Check integrity of an app using a signature.
  integrity:check-core                   Check integrity of core code using a signature.
  integrity:sign-app                     Signs an app using a private key.
  integrity:sign-core                    Sign core using a private key.
  l10n:createjs                          Create javascript translation files for a given app
  log:file                               manipulate logging backend
  log:manage                             manage logging configuration
  log:tail                               Tail the nextcloud logfile
  log:watch                              Watch the nextcloud logfile
  maintenance:data-fingerprint           update the systems data-fingerprint after a backup is restored
  maintenance:mimetype:update-db         Update database mimetypes and update filecache
  maintenance:mimetype:update-js         Update mimetypelist.js
  maintenance:mode                       set maintenance mode
  maintenance:repair                     repair this installation
  maintenance:theme:update               Apply custom theme changes
  maintenance:update:htaccess            Updates the .htaccess file
  migrations:execute                     Execute a single migration version manually.
  migrations:migrate                     Execute a migration to a specified version or the latest available version.
  migrations:status                      View the status of a set of migrations.
  notification:generate                  Generate a notification for the given user
  notification:test-push                 Generate a notification for the given user
  preview:repair                         distributes the existing previews into subfolders
  preview:reset-rendered-texts           Deletes all generated avatars and previews of text and md files
  security:bruteforce:reset              resets bruteforce attemps for given IP address
  security:certificates                  list trusted certificates
  security:certificates:import           import trusted certificate in PEM format
  security:certificates:remove           remove trusted certificate
  sharing:cleanup-remote-storages        Cleanup shared storage entries that have no matching entry in the shares_external table
  sharing:expiration-notification        Notify share initiators when a share will expire the next day.
  talk:active-calls                      Allows you to check if calls are currently in process
  talk:command:add                       Add a new command
  talk:command:add-samples               Adds some sample commands: /wiki, …
  talk:command:delete                    Remove an existing command
  talk:command:list                      List all available commands
  talk:command:update                    Add a new command
  talk:room:add                          Adds users to a room
  talk:room:create                       Create a new room
  talk:room:delete                       Deletes a room
  talk:room:demote                       Demotes participants of a room to regular users
  talk:room:promote                      Promotes participants of a room to moderators
  talk:room:remove                       Remove users from a room
  talk:room:update                       Updates a room
  talk:signaling:add                     Add an external signaling server.
  talk:signaling:delete                  Remove an existing signaling server.
  talk:signaling:list                    List external signaling servers.
  talk:stun:add                          Add a new STUN server.
  talk:stun:delete                       Remove an existing STUN server.
  talk:stun:list                         List STUN servers.
  talk:turn:add                          Add a TURN server.
  talk:turn:delete                       Remove an existing TURN server.
  talk:turn:list                         List TURN servers.
  text:reset                             Reset a text document
  theming:config                         Set theming app config values
  trashbin:cleanup                       Remove deleted files
  trashbin:expire                        Expires the users trashbin
  trashbin:size                          Configure the target trashbin size
  twofactorauth:cleanup                  Clean up the two-factor user-provider association of an   uninstalled/removed provider
  twofactorauth:disable                  Disable two-factor authentication for a user
  twofactorauth:enable                   Enable two-factor authentication for a user
  twofactorauth:enforce                  Enabled/disable enforced two-factor authentication
  twofactorauth:state                    Get the two-factor authentication (2FA) state of a user
  update:check                           Check for server and app updates 
  user:add                               adds a user
  user:add-app-password                  Add app password for the named user
  user:delete                            deletes the specified user
  user:disable                           disables the specified user
  user:enable                            enables the specified user
  user:info                              show user info
  user:lastseen                          shows when the user was logged in last time
  user:list                              list configured users
  user:report                            shows how many users have access
  user:resetpassword                     Resets the password of the named user
  user:setting                           Read and modify user settings
  versions:cleanup                       Delete versions
  versions:expire                        Expires the users file versions 
  workflows:list                         Lists configured workflows

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